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Meg never really understood why anyone would reach for the generic supermarket brand spices that are filled with additives and preservatives, and yet never really packing any flavour punch.  Who has the time to go through the supermarket and read (or decipher) every ingredient, only to need to add more ingredients to get the flavour!

Meg has always been passionate about flavour and has been fine tuning her blends over 14 years whilst working as a Head Chef. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have eaten with Meg before.  Meg’s blends have a concentrated flavour that means dinner is simple, you don’t have to reach for all those kitchen stables we rely on flavouring up our meals with, put down the minced garlic Karen. When you have Meg’s blends in the pantry, it’s as simple as adding your vegetables and protein, then sitting back to watch the table drool.  Best of all Meg sources all her ingredients in Australia and can reassure you that her blends aren’t filled with fillers and preservatives.

Meg cooks every day for hundreds of people and now using her head chef expertise, she has sourced clean, additive and preservative free ingredients from Australia to produce her own concentrated restaurant flavour spice blends and sauces for you to take home to your kitchen and stake the claim of that drool worthy meal night after night. ​​

Much love, Meg 

Spice Mixes Packed With Flavour
Meg'la Chef